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Social Media Shoes by Lumen Bigott for Keds

Occasionally we see products on the web that really stand out, and theseĀ  social media shoes by Venezuelan graphic designer Lumen Bigott are no exception. Designed for the popular shoe company Keds as a concept, we think they look great. Ok, they may just be for fun, but we love the detail and thought that has gone into them.

Below are the concept images, which one is your favourite?

Flickr Shoes

Google Buzz Shoes

Twitter Shoes

Wikipedia Shoes

Facebook Shoes

YouTube Shoes

View all of Lumen’s work at her online portfolio – click here.

1 Comment on "Social Media Shoes by Lumen Bigott for Keds"

  • Fantastic! I love the google ones, I think the colours work fantastic on most items really… like Eric Schmidt’s new bike!