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Join Design 51 for drinks on May 19th

Now we are all settled into our new office, we felt it was time to celebrate a little.

This triggered something in Northgate and our friends at a451 have came up with a great excuse for us to go and have a few drinks – It will be officially known as ‘welcome drinks’ but to all intense an purposes it’s a jolly good catch up and social!

We’d love you to join us, there will only be a small group of us but a good bunch and not afraid of a tipple.

We’ve decided that The George & Dragon will be the best location (mainly because we can all walk from work), but the selection of great beer and wine plus good food if you fancy it made it a perfect choice. The date will be next Thursday (19th May) at about 18:30.

Click here for location if you are unsure.

We hope you can join us and hopefully we’ll see you on the 19th!

8 Comments on "Join Design 51 for drinks on May 19th"

  • I’ll be there :)

    • Daniel says

      Fantastic! Can’t wait to see you. Invite James & co, I just don’t have their email addresses =]

  • pete says

    well my best to be there!

  • Scott birnie says

    I will be along for a pint or 5. None of this pint of coke rubbish like the last time. Well done moving into your new offices. It looks cool!

    • Daniel says

      Thanks Scott, yeah no pints of coke for you this time. Look forward to seeing you there.

  • James says

    Richard and I may be able to come along after college. We might only be able to stay for a hour or two as we both have two essays each to hand in on Friday.

    • Daniel says

      That’s cool James, will be nice to see you for a couple!

  • Chris R says

    I’ll see you there :D