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FREE Forrst Invite

We love something for free as much as the next man, but every now and again, something extremely cool turns up on the web and we find it’s ‘invite only’. Is one breath this is great –  it helps keep the website / community spam free and worth using, but on another this also makes us sad, as we now there is so much amazing talent out there not being discovered because they simply cannot get their invite approved.

So, as our way to giving something back to the community we are happy to say we have 10 Forrst Invites Available!

All you have to do to get your hands on one is share this post with your friends / twitter followers and give us a little comment below as to why YOU should be on Forrst.

If you are unsure as to what Forrst is, here is some info straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Forrst is a community of passionate developers and designers focused on helping themselves and others get better at their craft, providing thoughtful critiques, and sharing their knowledge to build better applications and websites.”

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25 Comments on "FREE Invites Available from Design 51"

  • I wanna forrst invite because I will buy you a beer if I get one. I also love a bit of critique to and from other like minded designers and developers. Give it to me then I can get some designs up and out!

  • Tai says

    I feel like honest constructive criticism is hard to find. It’s more difficult for me to even find people around me locally who are super awesome designer/developers who can find the time to help me or give me insight to things web design related. I think forrst is a freakin’ awesome place for me, to help me get better, and eventually pass on what I learned to the next hungry mind. Thats why I want into forrst!

  • Joe says

    I would love an invite to Forrst, I feel that I would be able to learn a lot from other talented individuals and hence improve my design and code skills.

  • Dan says

    I’d love to be on forrst to gain some exposure in the design community. I’m still in college too, so i think that it would be great to be a part of to get some experience!

  • CONGRATS to Scott Birnie and Dan, you guys have got yourselves a Forrst invite! We will be contacting you shortly via Twitter with details!

  • I’m always looking for ways to network, share ideas and learn from like-minded designers I feel as though I’ve got plenty of knowledge to share with others, but also plenty to still learn. I thrive on creative criticism to help me become a better designer.

  • I can create great looking websites and I have a real passion for design – I hate bad design and I am learning C so I can create my own Web Design/Development IDE! I know HTML and CSS extremely well and am good in PHP too. I think it’d be really great to see some people who are more experienced than me, to learn off and gain some great ideas for future products.

    Tom Oakley

  • I’ve been looking to get involved in design/development community and Forrst looks great. I’ve got lots of work i’d like to share and get feedback on (and share a few thought of my own too). An invite would be much appreciated! -Billy

  • ello – I’m interested in getting my grubby hands on that Forrst invite because there’s lotsa’ luvverly stuff we’re doing at MindWorks that I want to share with the world – giving the team there some credit in the work they do as well as offering something back to the community in the wild wastelands of code snippets of HTML5, CSS3 and javascript.

  • I’d love to get an invite this time round, as Forrst would offer me a great opportunity to get feedback on my work, to develop myself as a designer, and also allow me to share my own constructive feedback with other users to help them with their own professional development.

    • CONGRATS JAMES! We will be contacting you shortly via Twitter with details on how to claim your invite!

  • sam says

    it looks pretty cool but I dont want an invite as my design work is substandard so feedback would just be a bummer

    • Hi Sam,

      Forrst is not for the best pixel perfect designs, Dribbble is good for that. the reason I love Forrst is because you get genuine feedback from people who actually care and want to help you become a better designer. I know it’s helped me. Perhaps it would help you too?

      DM me on Twitter @design51 if you’d like an invite.

  • Austin Linford says

    I I would LOVE and invite to so that I can move my development beyond what everyone is already doing out there on the web. Too much of the same thing is not good :)

    • Congrats Austin! We’ve contacted you on Twitter with details on how to claim your invite!

  • I need one coz I am really aspiring for a stable career and at this point of my learning process I need some really good and genuine advices. I am also at other designer’s network like deviantart and coroflot but this one seems promising for me and thus i want to grab this opportunity to get one invite for Forrst. Thank You.

  • Teo Cau says

    I would like to expand my boundaries to design and develop and see what other people like me are able to do.
    I would like to meet new friends and learn new things.

  • Kert says

    Grazi for mkaing it nice and EZ.

  • Nick Mays says

    Hey man,
    met you at the ‘free meat’, a few hours ago.
    An invite would be great,

    • Thanks Nick!

      I will send you over an invite shortly, make sure you keep me up to date with your work. Can’t wait to see what you produce!

  • JoshPed says

    I would LOVE a forrst invite! I would use it to critique my work and move my capabilities beyond the typical cookie-cutter designs. I see forrst acting as my own personal focus-group. Oh I hope you still have some of the 10 invites left!


  • Kamran Mackey says

    I need an Forrst invite because then I would be able to share my design ideas with the world.

  • Danilo says

    I wish I could have an invitation to Forrst, because for me it’s important to confront and relate to other users. I think feedbacks can be an incentive to go ahead and improve one’s skills. Otherwise, with no improvements, what could ever be the point of working hard?

  • Kino says

    hey guys! can i have a click? thanks!

  • Ivan says

    An invite @ would be greatly appreciated:D