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FreeAgent Discount / Promo Code

FreeAgent 10% Discount Code
At Design 51 we love getting paid (who doesn’t) but we hate accounts! Luckily we recently discovered the wonderful FreeAgent software and just had to share it with you!

What’s more, we have a 10% off FreeAgent discount code available to all our readers! But this is no ordinary discount code, it actually gives you a 10% Discount for life!

Oops, did we talk to much about the discount code and not tell you what this thing actually does?

So what is FreeAgent?

FreeAgent is essentially an accounting software package, made for humans, not accountants (no offense). The reason we say this is because within 5 minutes of setting up an account we weren’t scared away by profit and loss tables, balance sheets and debtors lists. Instead we were presented with a beautiful UI, and easy set-up video that helped answer any questions we had before we even got started!

FreeAgent allows you to do everything you need when running a business. We managed to get our account set-up and running with all our clients and bank balance synced within 30 mins. Though you could probably do it quicker if you are familiar with these platforms.

To import all our latest bank transactions we just exported them from our online banking service (We bank with HSBC) and simply uploaded the file to FreeAgent and 5 mins later all our transactions were visible. Ready to assign to invoices or any other payments.

One of our favourite features was the ability to customise our invoices using CSS. This is really handy if you want to create a bespoke style or you already have a format you love.

Plus you get a whole load of features such as creating estimates, prepare & pay your tax bill, manage expenses, track time and much much more!

A full list of features can be found at:

How do I get my FreeAgent Discount?

So, if you are sold and want to get your hands on a FreeAgent Discount Code then click the big shiny button below or use DISCOUNT CODE 442j7fq4 and you’ll get your discount for life!

Feel free to share our FreeAgent Discount Code with your friends, we’d love them to join us too!

4 Comments on "FreeAgent Discount / Promo Code"

  • Dave England says

    Cheers for sharing this discount code guys! I’ve already signed up and loving FreeAgent! Recommend others to do the same!

  • Shane says

    I was just looking for a FreeAgent discount code, perfect timing guys, thanks!

    • Glad you are loving FreeAgent too! Make sure you share the discount code with your friends ;)

  • Guy Peters says

    I’ve been spreading the word about FreeAgent for months now! I hope you get people using your discount code!