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Free Snack Box!

Free Graze Box

Sitting at your desk all day long is never good for your health, we all know that right!? However the clever folk over at Graze have come up with a neat way to get healthy snacks delivered straight to your door, that are nutritionally balanced and super tasty!

We have been getting these tasty little treats delivered to us for over a year  now, and figured why not share with you lovely folk? So here it is, how to get your hand on a free graze box:


Free Graze BoxGraze ( is a new innovate way to get nature delivered & eat more healthy food (fewer biscuits)! They stock over 100 interesting food items, and only the tastiest natural foods get chosen. You get 4 punnets of nibbles, ready for whenever you feel puckish. Each week you get a personalized nutritional guide that tells you exactly what is in punnet! And all this for less than £3.50 delivered!

Another great feature of graze is the face you can rate your foods! This means that if you HATE olives but LOVE crackers you can ensure you get more of what you love and nothing that you hate!

Also, feel free to share the love, simply click the tweet button at the top of this page to share a free graze box with your twitter followers!

2 Comments on "Free Snack Box!"

  • Dawn Collinson says

    Please deliver to Midway House, Staverton Technology Park, Staverton, Glos GL53 9DZ

    • Hi Dawn, I am afraid you are a little confused. We are not Graze, nor are we associated with them. To place an order please go to and follow the simple steps.